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Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

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The Misfit Shine is a sleek personal monitor that syncs with the free Shine app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to track your activity level. Wear it anywhere on your body for any type of activity. Simply tap it and a cluster of lights glows through the metal shell to indicate your progress toward your daily goal.


UP24 by Jawbone Wristband

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Combining the Jawbone UP24 wristband and the UP app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, the UP system helps you understand your sleep, eating and movement patterns so you can make better life choices. The UP24 band syncs to the app via Bluetooth wireless so you can see your activity and sleep details. The app also provides insights, celebrates milestones and challenges you to do more each day.


Zepp GolfSense Sensor

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GolfSense is the world's first portable 3D sensor system designed to deliver real-time feedback and golf swing analysis. This golf training aidís patented motion engine uses data from four motion sensors inside the device to calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo and swing path. The free iPhone app allows you to analyse each segment of your swing from any angle. Simply connect GolfSense to your iPod touch or iPhone via Bluetooth. The application can be set to automatically capture and save every swing in rapid succession or just the ones you select with a simple press of the yellow button. Turn on impact detection and GolfSense will ignore your practice swings and only log those that pertain to actual ball contact.